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August, 2005
     President's Message: Cascade Park Rally, Good to see Bob and Louise, Ideas for Rallies?, Sandwich Rally
Membership Chairpersons: Cscade Rally Thanks and Memories, Four New Members
Wagonmaster's Report: Thanks to Cascade Rally Hosts, Hosting a Rally, Coming Up: Wells and Sandwich, Next Year's Rallies -Ideas?
Bob Parson's Corner: Thank You for the Get Well Cards, Cascade Park Fun, Tabs Tabs and Tabs, Joke of the Month
A Note of Thanks from Carol and Bill Elkins
Recipe of the Month: White Chocolate Crackers

July, 2005
     President's Message: Northeast Area Rally Volunteers Needed for Parade, Cascade Campground Rally, Wells Beach Rally, Danforth Beach Rally
Membership Chairpersons: Current Membership is 225 Coaches, One New Member
Nominating Committee: Nominations for Officers for 2005-2006
Wagonmaster's Report: Lake Forest Rally Report, Cascade Park Rally Added to Schedule, Rally Host Benefits, Notice of the Danforth Bay Rally and Explanation
Betty Robicheau: Reporting on the Hopkinton Rally, We Had So Much Help
From the New Newsletter Editors: Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, We Want to Hear from You, Thoughts for the Day

June, 2005
     President's Message: Reflections on the Hopkinton Rally, Report on Annual Meeting, Thanks to Dave and Carol Bovee, Bill and Kitty Ellsworth New Newsletter Editors, Rallies Are Fun, Volunteers Needed for Northeast Area Rally
Important Notice: Motorhomes must be inspected annually in June of each year
Northeast Area Rally: Volunteers Needed for Day Gate Security, Meet Before 3:00pm on July 11, Must be Pre-registered, Contact Fred Roberts for More Details
Membership Chairpersons: Current Membership is 273, Memberships Expire May 31 Each Year, Four New Members
Vice President's Report: Northeast Area Rally Conflicts with NASCAR at Loudon, Suggestion to Avoid Other Conflicts, Hopkinton Rally, HB40 Relative to Motorhome Inspections
Wagonmaster's Report: Hopkinton Rally Report, Next Rally is at Lake Forest, Anyone Want to Do Another Rally?
National Director's Report: Explanation of Medex Member Benefit, Flying J Planning Hookups, Candidates for National Offices
From the Newsletter Editors: Bill and Kitty Taking Over, Thanks for Support for 5+ Years
Memorial to George Kelly
Annual Meeting Report: Expenses Approved for 10th Anniversary Rally, Late Fees for Rallies, Many Members Not Renewed, Chapter Fair at NEAR, Report on Bill Read's Activities
Details on Late Fees for Rallies
Chapter News and Notes: From Bill and Ginny Read: They are very active with FMCA in Delaware, new chapter formed there, see you all in Springfield; Bob's Corner: Bob Parsons hasn't forgotten us, wonders of the world, TABS TABS TABS; Lap Robes for Veterans: 20 lap robes made for veterans, thanks from Jim Belanger for them

April, 2005
     President's Message: Gear Up for Summer, Thanks for Help for Jobs Well Done, Perry GA Rally Coming Up, Chapter Fair, 10th Year Celebration in September
Membership Chairpersons: Fourteen New Members
VP Report: Rude Treatment at Blueberry Hill Campground, Chapter Fair Table at Perry Rally, See You All in May, Thanks to Melanie at the Red Barn Campground
Wagonmaster: Not a Good Start for 2005, Highlnd Orchards Rally Cancelled, More than 35 Families at the Winter Dinner, Thanks to Steve, Cascare Park and Danforth Bay Rally Possibilities?
George Kelly: Death Reported
Letter from Goodwill-HinckleyChapter News: Parking Available for FMCA Members, Will Be at Brooksville and Perry

November, 2004
     President's Message: Merry Chistmas, Happy New Year, Newfound Rally, Salisbury Beach Rally, 10th Anniversary Committees, A Great Season
From the Membership Chairpersons: Three New Members
VP Report: Salisbury Beach Rally, Facts About Tabs,
From Bob Parsons: Thanks for Tabs, Joke of the Month
Wagonmaster: Late Fees, Newfound Rally, Salisbury Beach Rally, Winter Dinner, Think About Hosting a Rally Next Year
Chapter News: Lap Blanket for Veterans Project, Notes about April Rally (subsequently cancelled)
Recipes: Apple and Pecan Turnovers, Three Cheese Dip

Late September, 2004
     President's Message: Greeting from New President Fred Rhine, Rally Hosting, Planning Ahead for 10th Anniversary, Thanks to Retiring Officers, Thanks to Sandwich Rally Hosts
From the Membership Chairpersons: Sandwich Rally, New Granddaughter, Thanks to Browns and Reads, One New Members
Links to Reports: Minutes of Annual Meeting, Wagonmaster's Report, National Director's Report
News for Members: Chapter Booth at Perry in March 2005, Membership Count, (continuing next column) Appreciation to Retiring Officers, Lawn Chair Brigade Leader Needed, Invitation from the Greens, Winter Dinner, Thanks for Area Support
Recipe: Double Chocolate Mocha Trifle
September, 2004
     President's Message: By VP Bob Parsons, Top Gun III Rally, Beach Acres Rally, Sandwich Coming Up, One Million Tabs for Shriners, Joke, New Officers to be Elected
From the Membership Chairpersons: Membership Cards, Four New Members
Rally Reports: Essex Jct. Volunteers Thanked, Top Guns III
Fun Rally at Lake George: September 24-27, Tom and Pat McPherson and friends

August, 2004
     President's Message: By VP Bob Parsons, Northeast Area Rally, Social Hour, Entertainment, Day Gate Volunteers
From the Membership Chairpersons: Alaska Trip, Four New Members
National Director's Report: Northeast Motorhome Association Report, Officers Elected, Treasurer's Report, Defibrillator, Coach Count, Blood Donations, Next Year: West Springfield MA table borders=0>
Top Guns III: Entering Times
Nominating Committee: Nominations for 2004-2005 Officers
October Rally: New Hampshire Coach and Camper to Sponsor Breakfast
Upcoming Rallies: Wells Beach, 9th Birthday Bash, Newfound RV Park, Salisbury Beach
Top Guns III Update: Repeated from July Newsletter

July, 2004
     President's Message: Greetings from Florida, No Lawn Chair Brigade at TG III, New Clothing Chairman, New Wagon Master, See You at Sandwich
From the Membership Chairpersons: Lake Forest Resort Rally, Thanks for Early Membership Dues Renewals, We're Heading to Alaska, Three New Members, Proper Filing of Renewals
Minutes of Business Meeting: Recognition of New Members and Rally Hosts, Secretary's Report, Treasurer's Report, Wagonmaster's Report, Membership Currently at 287 Coaches, Nominating Committee, National Director, Northeast Area Opening Ceremonies and Volunteers
Nominating Committee: Nominations for 2004-2005 Officers
October Rally: New Hampshire Coach and Camper to Sponsor Breakfast
Tabs, Tabs, Tabs: One million to Turn Over to Shriners at Salisbury
Northeast Area Rally Opening Ceremony: Stet Hunt Needs Veterans and Service People,
Thanks to Joe and Bunny Parolese for co-hosting at Hopkinton
Upcoming Rallies: Wells Beach, 9th Birthday Bash, Newfound RV Park, Salisbury BeachTabs, Tabs, Tabs: One million to Turn Over to Shriners at Salisbury
Top Guns III Update: Come In Thursday for $20, Kids and Volunteers, Meet in Holding Area to Park Together, Parking Rules, Invite a Motorhome-owning Friend

June, 2004
     President's Message: We've moved to Florida, May Rally Successful, Nominating Committee Appointed, Special Businees Meeting Scheduled in June
From the Membership Chairpersons: 2004-05 Membership Dues Renewals, Ten New Members
Minutes of May 22 Business Meeting: Recognition of New Members and Rally Hosts, Treasurer's Report, Wagonmaster's Report, Membership Currently at 285 Coaches, Nominating Committee Appointed
Northeast Area Rally 2004: Volunteers Needed for Day Gate and Security, Directions to Rally
Top Guns Update from Bill Mattress: Reservation Limit 350, Program, 50's, 60's and 70's Attire, Red Hat Society, 50/60 Raffle

March, 2004
     President's Message: Southest Area Rally, Drag Races, Lawn Chair Brigade, A Great Season of Activities for 2004, Chapter Clothing Program
Northeast Area Rally 2004Volunteers Needed for Day Gate and Security
From the Membership Chairpersons: 2004-05 Membership Dues, Six New Members
Wagonmaster: Granite Staters 2004 Rally Schedule, Top Gun Rally Volunteers Needed
Treasurer's Report for 2003

November, 2003
    Condolences: to Gene and Connie Ross
President's Message: HACK, HACK, HACK, Florida pre-rally, Southest Area Rally, Lawn Chair Brigade, Winter Phone Numbers
Northeast Area Rally 2004Volunteers Needed for Day Gate and Security
From the Membership Chairpersons: Goose Holow, Three New Members, Have a Great Winter
Granite Staters 2004 Rallies
Salisbury Beach Report: by Dave LeBlanc
Goose Hollow Rally Report

September, 2003
    President's Message: Wells Beach Rally, New Coach, Sandwich Rally with 82 Coaches, Southeast Area Rally and Pre-rally
Minutes of Annual Meeting September 6, 2003 at Sandwich: Remarks by Bill Conway; Officers' Reports, Secretary, Treasurer, VP, National Director, Membership, Wagonmaster, Clothing; Old Business, Buffalo Security, PEI Parking, Nominating Committee Report and Vote
2004 Rallies: Schedule, Guidelines for Rallies, Bob's Joke of the Month
From the Membership Chairpersons: Sandwich Rally, Fairgrounds Facilities, Address Changes, Four New Members

August, 2003
    President's Message: NEA Rally in Prince Edward Island, Lawn Chair Brigade in PEI and in Florida in February, Condolences to Carolyn Beers, Granite Staters are friendly and fun-loving
Letter of Thanks from Connie Ross for the quilts donated at the International Rally
From the Membership Chairpersons: PEI, Addresses, Fifteen New Members
Nomination Committee Report: Officers for 2003 -2004
National Director's Report from Hamburg NY: Condolences to Family of Ed Beers, Executive Director's and Committee Reports Acepted, Proposals for Increases in Annual Dues and Early Registrations to be Voted on at next Directors' Meeting, Approved Policy and Procedures Revisions Available on the FMCA Web Site, Incoming Officers Elected

June, 2003
     President's Message: June Rally, Lawn Chair Brigade at PEI, Business Meeting Results: Live elections and Nominating Committee appointed
Bob's Corner: Tabs, PEI Rally, Joke of the Month
From the Membership Chairpersons: Pleasure to see everyone at Hopkinton Rally, Thanks for renewals, Ten New Members
Change of Venue for June 20-22 Rally
National Director's Update from Evelyn Merrill: Hopkinton Rally, Thanks for help at Brooksville, FMCA Constitution and By-Laws Changes Passed, FMCA Officer Position Nominations, Voting at July Meeting in Buffalo
Can You Help? Granite Staters Members need parking site for next fall

March, 2003
    President's Message: Southest Area Rally, Lawn Chair Brigade, Home in May
Bob's Corner: Snow Banks, P.E.I. Volunteers, Joke of the Month-Bronco and Cactus
Future Northeast Area Rallies
Schedule of International Conventions
Granite Staters 2003 Rallies
From the Membership Chairpersons: 2003 Dues Need to be Paid, Ten New Members
Senior Moments: Get a hot mamma and be cheerful, Let's get a beer, New hearing aid

October, 2002
    President's Message: Tweet, tweet, tweet - Salisbury Beach Rally Ends Season, Nexy Year's Rallies Shaping Up, Brooksville SEA Rally
Bob's Corner: Tabs - over a million again, PEI NEA Rally, Joke of the Month and VolunteersEight New Members
Salisbury Beach Rally: Report from Bill McShea
Lawn Chair Brigade: Marching at Southeast Area Rally in February, come march with us,

September, 2002
    President's Message: Tweet, tweet, tweet - Bruce is Back, Sandwich Rally, Southeast Area Rally, Salisbury Beach Rally
Sandwich Birthday Bash Report: 84 Coaches, Auntie Henrietta, Business Meeting, New Officers Installed, Thanks to Hatleys
On Road Quilters: Donation of Quilts at 70th Extravaganza
From Doreen Arslanian: Microwave Bread and Butter Pickle Recipe
Bob's Corner: Tabs - 565 pounds of them, Eight New Members

August, 2002
    President's Message: It's Election Time, Host a Rally, Membership Chairmen, Thanks from the President, Top Guns Rally, Northeast Area Rally and Lawn Chair Brigade, Bill Ellsworth and Kitty Munroe, Salisbury Beach, Southeast Area Rally, 70th Extravaganza, Northeast Area Rally, Volunteers
Sandwich Birthday Bash: Details
Bob's Corner: A wonderful Summer Trip, 2003 PEI Rally, Tabs, Tabs, Tabs, Eleven New Members, Joke of the Month
Rally Updates and Other Notes: Northeast Area Rally, Top Guns Rally, Thanks from Bill and Kitty (Munroe) Ellsworth, Toll House Crumb Cake
From Webmaster Bob: Thanks for Support, Bounder Repaired, Eye Healed

June, 2002
    President's Message: Mixups and Troubles, Saco River Rally, Nominating Committee, Retiring as President, Top Guns II, Northeast Area Rally
Nominating Committee: Members of the committee
Rally Updates: Northeast Area, Top Guns II, Saco River

May, 2002
    President's Message: Danforth Bay Campground Rally, Northeast Area Rally, 2003 Summer FMCA Extravaganza
Bob's Corner, Membership Chairman's Report: Welcome to One New Member, 47 Pounds of Tabs Collected at Danforth Bay (75,200 Tabs), 2002-03 Dues are Now Due, Joke of the Month
Chapter Clothing

April, 2002
    President's Message: Greetings To the New Motorhoming Season, Security At Essex Junction
    Essex Junction Security Detail: Please Volunteer, Call or Email Fred Roberts or Bob Smoth
Northeast Area Rally Opening Ceremonies: Uniformed Color Guards Needed, Please contact Bill Gowen
Bob's Corner, Membership Chairman's Report: Welcome to Five New members, 3,496,700 Tabs Have Been Collected, Joke of the Month
Upcoming Rallies: Danforth Bay, Saco River, Top Guns II, Northeast Area

February, 2002
    President's Message: Brooksville Rally Recap, Perry FMCA Convention, Co-Pilots Rodeo Cancelled, 2002 Rally Schedule, FMCA Summer Convention in Buffalo, NEA Rally in P.E.I
    National Director's Report: Directors and Alternates Pay for Governing Board Meeting Defeated, FMCA Summer Convention in Buffalo, Roger Merrill Appointed to Member/Membership Services Committee
Brooksville Rally Report from Anne Brown

November, 2001
    The Prez Sez: Salisbury Beach Closes 2001 Rally Season, 2002 Rally Schedule, More Info Needed with Rally Descriuptions, Have a Great Winter
    Salisbury Rally Report - Dave LeBlanc
Bob's Corner: Fourteen New Members; 2,252,800 Tabs Presented to Shriners' Hospital, Joke of the Month
Southeast Area Rally
FMCA Convention, Perry GA
Lawn Chair Brigade at Southeast Area Rally
2002 Rally Schedule (link)
September, 2001
    The Prez Sez: Reflections on September 11th, Branch Brook Rally, Sandwich Birthday Bash, Caroline Hatley New Secretary, $1000.00 Donated to Shriners' Childrens Hospital, Volunteer Role at Next Year's NEA Rally
Bob's Corner: Seven New Members; 2,200,280 Tabs (1375 lbs) going to Salisbury Rally, Continuing program- Keep Collecting
National Director's Report: Demographic Issues, By-Law Changes, Term Limits, National Directors' Travel Allowances
Presidents' Forum Report: California Issues, RV Parking Issues- Volunteers Wanted, Safety Officer for Rallies, Youth Program Activities, FMCA Road Atlas, Manufacturers' Quality Control Articles for Magazine, FMCA Video Prided to Manufacturers, Handling Fee for Rally Refunds
FMCA Governing Board Meeting: 2002 Budget $15,264,000.00, Future Rally Sites, Election of Officers
August, 2001
    (This was a special newsletter to distribute the officer election ballots for 2001-2002. It had no chapter news)
July, 2001
    The Prez Sez: Northeast Area Rally, Volunteer Thanks, Lawn Chair Brigade Performance, Bill Hatley appointed Wagonmaster
Nominations: Officer nominations to be published in August Newsletter
National Director's Report: NMA Annual Meeting - previous meeting minutes and treasurer's report approved - nominations - audit report accepted - 2002 and 2003 rallies - multiple chapter visits by Pres. Bill Gowen - Ontario request -next year's nominating committee appointed
Security Volunteers: Thanks from Stet
Bob's Corner: Seven New Members; 1,937,280 Tabs (1210.8 lbs)
Late June, 2001
    The Prez Sez: Hopkinton Fairgrounds Rally observations; Northeast Area Rally, Lawn Chair Brigade, security, youth activities
Bob's Corner: Welcome to Six New Members; 1,500,000 Tabs; Dues are now due; Thank You from Bob; Joke of the Month
Security Volunteers: A note from Stet
Lawn Chair Brigade is invited to parade at the Northeast Area Rally; Volunteers needed
National Director's Report: Spring meeting held; secretary resigned; nominating committee; future sites for NEA rally; mentors; National By-laws to be rewritten; future National rallies; national slate of officers; next meeting
Early June, 2001
    The Prez Sez: NETIQUETTE; Officers Needed; Legislation: We're almost there
Help Wanted: We need several elected and appointed chapter officers
Bob's Corner: Welcome to Eight New Members; One Million Tabs; Dues are now due; E-Mail Addresses; Joke of the Month
Good of the Order: Congratulatons; Get well soon; Condolences; Roasters wanted; August rally cancelled; Up-to-date rally schedule
March, 2001
    The Prez Sez: Looking Forward to 2001; Name Badges; Legislative Action Regarding RV Parking Restrictions, continued
Granite Staters Selected for Security Duty at Northeast Rally: Details: Dates and Times; Arrival and Parking; Volunteers Needed; Contact Stet
Bob's Corner: Welcome to Eleven New Members; Tabs; Dues are now due; E-Mail Addresses
Rally Schedule: Schedule for 2001 (the list is incomplete), Tuxbury Pond, Hopkinton Fair Grounds, NEA Rally, Highland Orchard Resort, Birthday Bash, Late September???, Salisbury Beach
Chapter Notes: Board Openings; From the Webmaster, the Granite Staters Discussion Group

November, 2000
    Mind Your Own Business, President's Report: Legislative Action Regarding RV Parking Restrictions; Legislative Advisory Committee Set Up; Fall Season Wrap-up
National Director's Reports: Northeast Motorhome Association Meeting; Post Brunswick Rally; FMCA Governing Board Meeting
Bob's Corner: Welcome to Nine New Members; Tabs; E-Mail Addresses; Joke of the Month
Rally Schedule: Tentative Schedule for 2001; Year 2000 Rally Reports
Treasurer's Report: Donation Made to Good Will-Hinckley School
Chapter Announcements: Thanks from Sandwich FD; White Forest RV Repair; Granite Staters Discussion Group
September, 2000
    It's September Already! President's Report: Brunswick; Thank You, Stet; Caravans; Security Work
From the Wagonmaster: Brunswick: Jersey Gems; Our House; Three More Rallies
Discussion Group: Join the Granite Staters Discussion Group
Bob's Corner: Welcome to new members; Tabs; E-Mail Addresses; Joke
August, 2000
    BRUNSWICK, HERE WE COME, President's Report: Brunswick; PEI; Sandwich and Salisbury Rallies; Ted Williams camp rally; co-Pilots Rodeo; Election time
From the Wagonmaster: Keene Swamp Bats rally report; Non-volunteers caravan to Brunswick; Thomas Point Beach pre-rally; Move is complete; Last year as Wagonmaster
Bob's Corner: Welcome to ten new members; Dues; Tabs; Joke
Brunswick Shorts: Social hour plans; Reminders
Treasurer's Report
Rally Details: Sandwich; co-Pilots Rodeo; Salisbury Beach
Rally Reports: Top Guns; Swamp Bats
Sandwich Crafts: Fold-a-Box; Potpourri Box, Cross
Late June, 2000
    PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Greenland rally report; Rockingham rally report; Top Guns rally; Brunswick Information, Pine Tree Pass, Lawn Chair Brigade cancelled, Social hour
Market Square Day Rall Report
From the Wagonmaster: Non-volunteers caravan to Brunswick; Rockingham rally; awning problems; more on Brunswick and Thomas Point Beach
Bob's Corner: Dues; Tabs; Joke
National Director's Report: Schacticoke Northeast Motorhome Association meeting; next year at Essex Jct. VT for the Northeast Area Rally; Brunswick details; nominating committee report; moving national summer convention date
Early June, 2000
    The PRESIDENT Says: Motorhome Season Begins! Chichester Rally; Busines Meeting, Widen "window" for FMCA Summer Convention, Convention Volunteers; Granite Staters Discussion Group; Portsmouth Rally
Non-Volunteers' Caravan and Application
Portsmouth Rally; Lost and Found
Bob's Corner: Two New Members; Dues; Tabs; Joke
From the Wagonmaster: Chichester Rally Report; Pre-Convention Rally at Thomas Point Beach for Volunteers
May, 2000
    The PRESIDENT Says: Mental Illness?; Chichester Rally; Chapter Leaders Rally; Co-Pilots' Rodeo
National Directors Report: Southeast Area Rally; Prince Edward Island Rally; National Directors Seminar Report
Wood Blocks Required at Brunswick
Bob' Corner: Fifteen New Members This Year; Dues Are Due; Tabs; Joke
From the Wagonmaster: Rally Volunteers; WWW Site; Pre-Convention Rally; 2000 Rally Schedule
Poetry from Mara Bovee: Spring
January, 2000
    The PRESIDENT Says: Happy Winter; Sandwich Birthday Rally; Southeast Area Rally; Myrtle Beach
Brunswick Security
Bob, the Membership Chairperson: 211 Members; 1,000,000 Can Tabs for the Shrine Childrens Hospital; DUES; Joke
Wagonmaster: National Convention; Myrtle Beach
Dri-Wash and Guard

November, 1999
    The PRESIDENT Says: Co-Pilots Rodeo; Salisbury Beach; Southeast Area Rally
Membership Chairman's Corner: Membership=207; Tabs
Wagonmaster's Report: 2000 FMCA Convention Volunteers; Salisbury Beach Rally; Mice; Myrtle Beach; Bill Drinkwater
October, 1999
    The PRESIDENT Says: Acceptance and Bio; Birthday Bash; Brunswick 2000 Security; Birthday Bash 2000; Co-Pilots Rodeo
From the Ex-President: Thank You, Southeast Area Rally and Lawn Chair Brigade; Welcome to Dave Bovee
Membership Chairman's Corner: Membership=196; Tab Collecting and Shriners; Decals
Wagonmaster's Report: 2000 Schedule, Hosts Needed
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