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Granite Staters Newsletter Archive

2005 (most recent newsletter first)

Fred Rhine, President                                    Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, Editors


     As I am putting this article together for the newsletter I’m reminded about the upcoming Christmas and New Years holidays and what they hold special for each of us from family, friends and memories of times past. Nancy and I would like to wish each and every one of you a joyous and prosperous New Year as we travel this great country of ours.

     I know that many of you have already left for the warmer climates. Nancy and I plan to leave for Florida on January 4, 2006. We will be spending most of our time in Fort Myers leaving on March 4, 2006 for our trip home. At the end of this article I will have two cell phone numbers where we can be reached. We will not have access to our E-mail while in Florida. If you must E-mail us, our daughter will check our computer weekly.

     The newsletter contains information on upcoming events including our second winter get together in Concord hosted by the Steve Davis and info on the Brooksville Fla. Rally. In closing let me again wish everyone a great year till again we gather to enjoy each others company.

     Our cell phone numbers are Fred 603-534- 0910 and Nancy 603-534-106.

     Fred Rhine


** Christmas Wish **

Over the woods and through the river We took a wild ride in Santa’s old flivver.

He drove like a madman bent on mayhem and noise, taunting the reindeer and throwing out toys.

Dashing and crashing through the ice and the snow, reeling, careening and shrieking yo ho.

And we were so frightened, we froze in our seat, expecting to crash in the snow and the sleet.

Such an arduous journey seemed quite insane just to get to the mailbox at the end of the lane.

This terrifying trip was a really big blunder, For we are not the type to put caution asunder!

But the reason is this (and it really is true), We’d do what it takes to send this message to you: Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
Bill & Carol Elkins
PS Hope to see those who can make it, at the Red Blazer in Concord for our Winter Dinner on Jan. 22nd. For the rest, Happy Trails, we will see you in the Spring

12/16/05 From The Membership Chairpersons
Not much news to report from the North Country. The RV is put away for the winter and we anxiously await the coming of spring so we can go camping again. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We see you in January at the get together in Concord.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:

Fred & Debra Cornell Hubbardston, MA

Hope to see you soon. Snowbirds take care out there…!!

Bobbie & Glenn

January Dinner
January 22, 2006 @ 1 pm
Red Blazer Restaurant
72 Manchester St, Concord, NH

Main Courses: Chicken Marsala, Broiled Haddock and Vegetable Lasagna
Sides: Potato, Rice Pilaf and Vegetable
Desert: Famous Chocolate Mousse
Drinks: Coffee, Tea and Cash Bar
Cost: $17.58 pre-paid per person
(includes tax, gratuities and the banquet room)

*** Deadline: 10-January-2006 ***

Next Rally: April Campout
April 21, 22, & 23, 2006
Highland Orchards Resort Park
Route 49, North Stonington, CT

Please note: Bobbie McCracken and others are exploring the possibility
of the Granite Staters developing a Family Rally Weekend
for our children and grandchildren.
This would be a rally with a focus on kids.
More info will follow.

2005 Rally Reports

2006 Rally Schedule

oldman silouette     
Granite Staters     October 2005
Fred Rhine, President                                    Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, Editors


As I’m writing this article for the newsletter I’ve been thinking what a wonderful year we have had from Hopkinton to Danforth Bay, I would like to personally thank all of our hosts for a job well done and ask any of you to volunteer to host next year, remember you will have all the help you need.

At the September meeting it was decided to make a donation to the Family Motor Coach Chapter for Habitat for Humanity (address to follow), the club voted to donate $500 to the Chapter, members of the club donated an extra $358.20 to the cause for a total of $858.20. If you would like to donate, mail it to the chapter and mention you are with the Granite Staters.

At the meeting we elected our officers for the coming year. We would like to welcome Bill Elkins as our new Vice President. Bill has consented to chair a committee to review our by-laws as they now stand and recommend any changes to the membership.

At this time, I would like to thank the membership for your support of the officers and hope we have a great year of activities for 2006.

We will be sending out a newsletter in December to cover our January get together in Concord and our first rally in April.

We have just returned from spending a great weekend at Danforth Bay, we had 39 coaches attend the rally. The weather was a beautiful fall weekend in the White Mountains.

On Saturday we had a pot luck supper after which we had a brown bag auction. There were many laughs during the auction, you had no idea what was in the bag. We will be returning to Danforth Bay next year. Hope to see you there.

As I conclude, I have appointed Marilyn Smith to replace Louise Parsons on the by-laws committee. Louise asked to be taken off the committee due to family health issues.

The address is as follows: FMCA Chapter Habitat for Humanity Deann Harrington PMB F239447 359 Round Button Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Till our next letter in December,

     Fred Rhine

See the
2005 Rally Reports
at the
2005 Schedule

See the
Rallies Pages
for the
2006 Schedule

JUST IN - The FMCA Executive Board members have made a decision to cancel the 2006 rally at this time due to several factors that have taken place within the last month. Several of the volunteer captains have given their opinion and all are in agreement with this decision. The Sussex County Fairgrounds were contacted and have accepted our actions and have booked our 2007 rally for the week of July 9-15.

Please direct all questions regarding the NEAR cancellation to Evelyn Merrill (860) 289-1639.



It was my pleasure to serve as your chapter vice president this past year. Thanks are due Fred Rhine for his good year as president and to Wagonmaster Linda Parazzo for her efforts in scheduling and planning our rallies. Congratulations to Bill Elkins for accepting the vice president's role for '05 - '06. To the other officers and staff of the chapter, thanks for all your good works, and to the members who volunteered and pitched in to help whenever called upon, your cooperation is what makes the Granite Staters such a chapter of fun and pleasure.

On the topic of pitching in, personal thanks from me for the help received at the Sandwich pancake breakfast from those who willingly came forth with assistance as a result of my miscalculations. I want to thank Joe,

Ed, Bucky, the extended Munroe family, the servers who came forward, those who brought batter mix from their units and whoever came up with the idea for French toast and contributed loaves of bread. They and others who helped really saved the day! I doubt that many we served realized what had gone into preparing the breakfast, and that is as it should be. In the end we still had a few pancakes, French toast slices, and sausages left over, and we served over 100 people.

For me, the highlights of the year were the two chapter fairs we participated in at Perry and Eastern States. We had the pleasure of telling many visitors about our chapter, a few of whom are reading this message now as new members.

It has been a good year with good friends.

Bob Burnham

10/06/05 From The Membership Chairpersons
We had great time at the past two rallies; the first at the 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash at Sandwich and this past weekend at Danforth Bay. Bobbie and I want to thank the hosts as well as all the volunteers that made these two rallies a lot of fun. We hope to see you in January at the get together in Concord.

Hope to see you soon. Snowbirds take care out there…!!

Bobbie & Glenn


Wonderful weekend at Danforth Bay. Don and Sandy Percy did a great job at their first rally. Thank you also to the Rhines and McCrackens for their help and support to the Percys, and all the club members who also stepped in to help. This is what makes the club great. We will have another news letter in January to cover all our Winter things and early Spring outings.

The schedule for 2006 is not complete. If you wish to add additional rallies at any time, please contact me. The more the merrier. As of now we are looking to add a few more.

I would like to thank all the members who have hosted rallies during the past year:

Steve & Barbara Davis;
Bob Burnham;
Larry & Cheryl Adams;
Tom & Betty Robicheau;
Joe & Bunny Parolise;
Artie & Joan O’Neill;
Bill & Nancy McDonough;
Steve & Debra Ford;
Bob & Louise Parsons;
Ron Parsons & Cindy LaFrance;
Bill & Kitty Ellsworth;
Paul & Linda Porazzo;
Bill & Peg McShea;
Don & Sandy Percy;
Fred & Nancy Rhine; and
Glenn & Bobbie McCracken;
as well as ALL the members who helped in so many other ways to make all of our rallies so successful!

“Happy Trails”
Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

Chapter Notes

Blanche and I thank all the Granite Staters who sent cards – called by phone and visited me in the hospital and at home. At times it has been a tough go – but at this point progress is being made. Thank you again for being such a caring group.

Fred and Blanche Roberts

SUNSHINE REPORT (via the Editor)
Best Wishes go out to Joyce Sandstrom who is recovering from Cellulitis at Pleasantview in Concord and Fred Roberts who continues to recover at home following his stay in the hospital.

Granite Staters Chapter of FMCA:
Minutes of Annual Meeting September 10th, 2005

President Rhine opened the annual business meeting of the FMCA Granite Staters at 9:05am on Saturday, September 10th, 2005 at the 10th Birthday Bash Rally in Sandwich Fairgrounds, Sandwich, NH.

Other officers present included Evelyn Merrill (Nat’l. Director), Betty Robicheau (Treas.), Bob Burnham (VP), Bill McShea (Sec.), as well as Bobbie & Glenn McCracken (Membership), Linda Porazzo (Wagonmaster), and Bill & Kitty Ellsworth (Newsletter).

Approximately 105 members were present, and rose for the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence in memory of 9.11, the military, and the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Geoff Blair was recognized from the floor and read a letter of recognition he had composed for the years of service given the chapter by Bill and Ginny Read. The letter was then circulated to be signed by the members present.

The Secretary read a congratulatory letter from the President of the FMCA on the occasion of the chapter’s 10th anniversary, and another certificate of appreciation for the chapter’s support of the NEAR in July. The Secretaries report was then read and after a correction was voiced from the floor, a motion was made and seconded to accept the report and the vote was unanimous.

The Treasurer reported a balance of $5,132.15 and it was unanimously voted to accept that report. A series of discussions ensued about whether the Chapter should donate to a relief fund for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Motions were made and voted to accept to: 1) donate; 2) to donate to FMCA’s Habitat for Humanity Chapter; and 3) to donate an amount of $500.00. The donation will be used by the Habitat for Humanity Chapter in their rebuilding efforts in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

The National Director reported that 411 delegates attended the rally in Minot, ND. National officers were elected for a two year term, and they included: Don Moore (Pres.), Connie Pool (Sr VP), Ginger Painter (Sec.), and Jim Kearns (Treas.). Future international rallies are scheduled for: Ponoma, CA in the Spring ’06; Charlotte, NC in the Summer ’06; Perry, GA in the Spring ’07; and, Gillette, WY in the Summer ‘07.

Glenn McCracken noted that membership in the Chapter is now 231 members. In May it had been 274, but 145 had not renewed their annual membership.

Linda Porazzo, Wagonmaster and Host for the Sandwich Rally then recognized the Charter Members of the Granite Staters and a group picture was taken before the meeting continued.

President Rhine then asked the membership if the chapter was still interested in continuing to provide Security and Day Gate services at the NEAR to be held next July at Sussex County Fairground in Augusta, NJ. After a motion and second, the membership voted unanimously to continue this effort. Bob Smith and Bill Elkins also discussed this work and answered questions. The Granite States that wish to volunteer will participate in this effort from July 9th through the 15th.

Linda Porazzo discussed the day’s agenda for Sandwich, and then the tentative 2006 schedule. The chapter will publish a Winter newsletter, and Steve Davis will host another dinner/social in Concord in January. Fred Rhine announced the chapter needs to review and update its By Laws to reflect recommendations FMCA is making. He has appointed a committee to be chaired by Bill Elkins, with Bill McShea, Louise Parsons, Dick White, and Evelyn Merrill participating. It is estimated that the process will take about a year.

Fred also mentioned that plaques which hold the F# egg are on order from FMCA for past officers.

Dick White discussed RV friendly signage that agencies in the state are interested in implementing, but which needs legislation. He also discussed the possibility of the chapter acquiring its own AED (automatic external defibrillator) for cardiac emergencies. After discussion and many comments from the members, a vote was taken authorizing Dick to gather more information and to look into the costs related to the equipment.

Betty Robicheau reminded everyone that this weekend was the last to purchase clothing as they would be South for the winter. She also mentioned the line of new and lighter shirts.

Bob Parsons thanked everyone for their cards and words during his recent illness.

Bob Smith introduced the slate of officers developed by the Nominating Committee, and after the vote was called, a motion was made from the floor for the Secretary to cast one vote to accept the slate from the Nominating Committee. The members of the nominating committee included Clayton Buck, Bob & Louise Parsons, and Bob & Marilyn Smith. The Officers of the Granite Staters for 2006 will be: Fred Rhine (Pres.), Bill Elkins (VP), Bill McShea (Sec.), Betty Robicheau (Treas.), Evelyn Merrill (Nat’l. Dir.), and Gerry Goulet (alt. Nat’l. Dir.).

Louise Parsons made a motion to consider providing the National Directors with a gas or debit card to help defray travel expenses, and general discussion followed. Evelyn Merrill spoke and suggested the chapter was setting a precedent and that travel expenses would easily outstrip the chapter’s Treasury.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:26am.












MARCH 20,21,22, 23, 2006 PAMONA, CALIFORNIA
AUGUST 14, 15, 16, 17,2006 CHARLOTTE, North Carolina


oldman silouette     
Granite Staters     September 2005
Fred Rhine, President                                    Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, Editors


We have just returned from the weekend rally in Wells, Maine. The weekend was enjoyed by many of us.

Many more of us will be gathering at the Sandwich fairgrounds for our 10th anniversary celebration (don’t be left out) in September. We will be holding a general meeting at 10:00AM on Saturday at which time we will discuss next year’s rallies, have election of officers, accept reports and discuss any business and or concerns we may have. I have been approached by some members about reviewing our by-laws, and make changes to bring them up to date. If this is approved I will name a committee to review and recommend changes to be voted on by our members.

As we discuss next year’s rallies we will need volunteers to be hosts, please help out if you can, it is a fun thing to do.

See you in Sandwich,

     Fred Rhine

8/25/05 From The Membership Chairpersons
We had another great time this past weekend at the Wells Beach Rally (our first time there) seeing old friends. Many thanks to the Fords, Ellsworths and the Parsons for the wonderful weekend. It was a pleasure to play games and visit with everyone after taking the trolley to go sightseeing.

Bobbie and I will see you at the Sandwich rally.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:

Tom & Mary Simonelli    Londonderry, NH
Larry & Susan Prest    Hooksett, NH
Bob & Viv Bernier    Antrim, NH
James & Lorna Wiedman    Moultonborough, NH

Hope to see you soon,
Take care out there...!!

Bobbie & Glenn



There once was a group that traveled to diners
To pick up the tabs from the waste barrel liners
This job is not much fun
But this work must be done
For they are used for the kids by the Shriners

The Granite Staters tab collection for the Shriners Hospital has now reached 340,000. If you have any tabs tucked away around your house or motor home, please bring them to the Sandwich Rally.


At an electronics company, the Sales Manager was showing a group of prospective customers around the plant. As he led the group into the test department, a circuit board suddenly flew across the room, thrown by a quick-tempered technician that was frustrated in his attempts to repair it. The board crashed off a wall and landed right at one of the visitor’s feet. The Sales Manager calmly continued his pitch: "As you can see, all our products are fully shock and vibration-tested before leaving the factory."

See you at Sandwich
Bob Parsons, cm


Thank you to our hosts at Wells Beach. I could not attend but heard that there were over 30 units. Steve & Deb Ford, Ron & Cindy and Darlene & Bill. You all did another great job.

The next rally is our 10th Anniversary Rally at the Sandwich Fairground. I hope the gas crunch won’t keep you home. Remember the meals are optional and you do not have to purchase them to come. Just come, we’d love to see you and have you share in the fun. All forms must be mailed to Bill and Peg McShea. Gates to Sandwich will be opened on Thursday morning.

Would like to get some rallies lined up for next year when we are at Sandwich, so put on your thinking caps, if all the high fuel prices don’t do us in. Maybe while at Sandwich we can pick a date and just meet at Salisbury Beach in mid October.

"Happy Trails"
Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

See the
Rallies Pages
for the
2005 Schedule

    Chapter Notes

  • A Special Note of Thanks
    A sincere "Thank You, Very Much" for all the cards, E-Mails and phone calls while I was hospitalized and afterwards. We've missed seeing all of you and with any luck will see you at Sandwich. Again, Thanks - It's much appreciated!
    Geoff Blair

  • Thoughts and Prayers for Fred Roberts
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Fred and Blanche Roberts during Fred’s recovery following his heart by-pass surgery on Friday 26-Aug-2005.

  • For Sale Central Florida (Polk City) deeded landscaped lot for class A's in gated community. Concrete pad, underground utilities, finished 12 by 20 shed. Use as an RV lot or add a home. $55,000. Call Bill Mattress 508 726 1746.

  • A slate of Officers for 2005-2006
    President... Fred Rhine
    Vice President... Bill Elkins
    Secretary... Bill McShea
    Treasurer... Betty Robicheau
    National Director... Evelyn Merrill
    Alt. Nat’l Director... Jerry Goulet
    Should you have another choice for any office, please make your request known, in writing, to, The Granite Staters’ Nominating Committee c/o Bob and Louise Parsons, 204 Clothespin Bridge Road, Webster, NH 03303-7727 before September 1, 2005.
    The nominating committee will present these names at the Sandwich meeting. The floor will be open at the Sandwich meeting in September for additional nominations.
    Clayton Buck 603 432 5105
    Bob and Louise Parsons 603 648 6104
    Bob and Marilyn Smith 603 767 8051

  • *** Update on the NH Motorhome Inspection Law from Steve Ford ***
    In speaking with the State of NH, Dept. of Motor Vehicles I learned the following regarding the new law for inspecting motorhomes:
    The new law took effect July, 1, 2005. In a nut shell it states motorhomes must be inspected prior to July 1 of each year. I inquired about current inspection stickers which have or will expire before July 1 of 2006. I was told that these vehicles would have to get inspected once the 2005 stickers expired. In my case, the inspection sticker will expire 9/30/2005. I would have to have mine inspected in the month of September, before it expired, This new inspection would be good until July of 2006. I would then have to have the coach inspected again before July of 2006 which would be good until July of 2007.
    Those with questions should feel free to contact Steve Ford. He’ll attempt to explain it.

  • Danforth Bay Update from Don and Sandy Percy
    We are looking forward to seeing all your bright shining faces at Danforth Bay Sept 30, Oct.1 & 2. The scenery should be absolutely lovely at that time. To give you another memory boost as to what will be happening that weekend. On Friday night, those with names beginning with A-L will bring a finger food dessert. And on Saturday afternoon at the 4 PM social hour, those with names beginning with M-Z will bring appetizers.
    There will be a pot luck dinner Saturday evening, when we will be able to sample your favorite soup, chowder, chili, or dessert. The salad, bread, and crackers will be provided. After dinner we’ll have a brown bag auction. WHAT’S THAT, you say? Well- bring one or more items, either new or pre-owned and in "gift-worthy" condition (valued at $4.00 and up - no limit!). Place the item(s) in a brown paper bag so the contents are not visible, and let the bidding begin! The auctioneer will be kind enough to give you a hint as to what is in the bag. During the day, enjoy the local attractions (like shopping in North Conway, perhaps?) or just hang out at the campground with your Granite Stater friends.
    One more note - There will be a $10.00 charge for a towed vehicle pass to get into the park, which will be refunded to you upon departure.
    See ya’ll soon.
    Don & Sandy Percy
Pork ‘N Beans Cake      (compliment’s of Kitty Ellsworth)

2 c. sugar
2 c. flour
2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
1 - 11 oz. c. Campbell’s pork & beans
1 c. veg. oil
4 eggs
1 - 8 oz. c. crushed pineapple
2 tsp. cinnamon
Mix dry ingredients. Add eggs and oil. Mash beans. Mix with pineapple. Add to flour mixture.
Pour into greased and floured bundt pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until done.

Cream Cheese Frosting

4 oz. cream cheese
8 oz. conf. sugar
1/8 c. margarine
Cream all together. Frost cake. Top with nuts (optional)

oldman silouette     
Granite Staters     August 2005
Fred Rhine, President                                    Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, Editors


Nancy and I just returned from the weekend rally at Cascade Park. The weekend was a huge success. I would like to thank Steve and Barbara Davis and Tom and Betty Robicheau for a job well done.

It was great to see Bob and Louise Parsons after Bob’s recent illness, get yourself healthy real soon Bob.

Our next get together well be at Wells Beach followed by our 10th Anniversary Bash at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.

As we look ahead we need some new venues to hold rallies. If you have any ideas please let Linda or I know. Remember, our organization is a volunteer group, if you can assist us we need your help.

At our meeting at the Sandwich Rally we will discuss any of your concerns, please let me know of your concerns before September.

See you soon,

     Fred Rhine

7/25/05 From The Membership Chairpersons
We had a great time at the Cascade Rally seeing old friends. Many thanks to Steve & Barbara Davis and Betty & Tom Robicheau for the wonderful weekend. It was a pleasure just to relax and visit with everyone as many people chose to remain at the campground rather than sightseeing. It was a pleasure to sit around the large pine tree that provided us with much appreciated shade and cool breezes. Bobbie and I will see you at Wells Beach.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:

   David and Jerilyn Pennell Rindge, NH
   Fred and Jane Gendron Pelham, NH
   George and Georgia Nugent/ Greene
      Derry, NH
   William & Rita Hughes Pelham, NH

Hope to see you soon,
Take care out there...!!

Bobbie & Glenn


Thank you to our hosts at Cascade Park, Steve and Barbara Davis and their co-host Tom & Betty Robicheau. This was the Davis’s first time as hosts at a campout. They did a great job just like they did planning the "Winter Dinner" which also was a huge success. Chicken dinner was wonderful and they didn’t have to leave the campground. It was a very relaxing weekend and believe me we could all use that. At least the rain held out for late at night.

Up to two couples get to camp free for the weekend for hosting. It is a lot of fun and you get to really know other members and will always get help from people who hosted before, plus other club members just always pitch in. That is what makes the Granite Staters a nice club.

The application for the Sandwich Rally must be mailed to Bill & Peggy McShea, as Paul and I will be on the road for a month and a half.

The next rally is at Wells Beach, hope we still get good weather but a little cooler would be nice!

Would like to get some rallies lined up for next year when we are at Sandwich, so put on your thinking caps and think about having fun like the Davis’s and McDonough’s did hosting a rally.

"Happy Trails"

Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

Let me start out this months Bob’s Corner by saying thank you to all the members at the Springfield Rally that signed the Granite Staters get well card to me. It was really great to know that you were thinking of me when I was in the hospital. I also want to thank the members those of you that took the time to send me an individual get well card on your own. A lot of you know that I was at the Cascade Campground Rally last weekend in Concord. Didn’t we have a great time just relaxing in the sunny weather?


We collected about 15,000 tabs this past weekend bringing our total up to about 45,000. I know that a lot of you have lots of tabs at home and I hope you will bring them to Wells Beach and Sandwich. To the new members of the Chapter, we collect all kinds of aluminum tabs for the Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield, Massachusetts. They are then turned into salvage and the money received is used for medical supplies and other types of things for the children.


A sales representative stopped at a small manufacturing plant in the Midwest. The sales rep presents a box of cigars to the manager as a gift.
"No thanks, I tried smoking a cigar once and I didn’t like it."
The sales rep then offered to take the manager out for martinis.
"No thanks, I tried alcohol once, but I didn’t like it."
The salesman looks out the window and sees a golf course. "I suppose you play golf," says the salesman. "I’d like to invite you to be my guest at my club."
"No thank you." the manager says. "I tried it once and didn’t like it."
Just then a young man enters the office. "Let me introduce my son Bill," says the plant manager.

"Let me guess," the salesman replies.
"An only child?"

"That’s all Folks" see you at Wells Beach in a couple of weeks.

Bob Parsons



See the
Rallies Pages
for the
2005 Schedule

A Special Note of Thanks

Bill & I would like to thank the Granite Staters at the Northeast Rally who were there to help and support us after Bill fell and hurt his leg. A special thanks to Norman and Barbara Cote for getting us to the Hospital, waiting for us, and getting us back to the coach. Thanks to Fred Roberts and Bob Smith and their golf carts, they got Bill everywhere he needed to go. It's times like this when unexpected things happen that you realize how many great friends you have. Granite Staters are the best. You made the week much easier. Also thanks to Fred and Nancy Rhine who drove to Springfield on Sunday to drive our coach home for us. Bill is on the mend and should be without his crutches in a couple of weeks.

Thanks again!
Carol & Bill Elkins

White Chocolate Crackers (compliments of Bev Wasson)

Unsalted saltine crackers
1 ½ sticks of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (or unsalted butter)
½ cup sugar
1 bag of white chocolate chips (use more if you want thicker layers)
Dried fruit, chocolate chips or nuts (your choice)

Line a greased cookie sheet with Saltines
Melt butter
Combine melted butter, sugar and pour over crackers
Place in oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes
Sprinkle white chocolate chips over hot crackers (the hot crackers will melt the chips)
Spread melted chips with a knife
Sprinkle dried fruit over top and press in
Let cool
Break up into pieces

oldman silouette     
Granite Staters     July 2005
Fred Rhine, President                                    Bill and Kitty Ellsworth, Editors


As many of us have come to realize summer has finally arrived for us to enjoy.

Many of our members will be attending the Northeast Rally in Springfield, Mass. July 13 to 16, as I’m writing this article I just received a letter from Louis Snow informing me of a parade at the opening ceremony.

If you are a Military Veteran, Fire, Police or EMS personnel, please wear your uniform as they have asked the Granite Staters to be part of the Opening Ceremony review and parade. If you could, we need a few

volunteers to carry the banner and State Flag. Please see Bob Smith at the rally if you can help.

Our next rally after Springfield will be at Cascade Campground, followed by Wells Beach followed by our 10th Anniversary at Sandwich. All of you received a mailing for our rally at Danforth Bay. Please be aware of the registration deadline.

Happy Trails to you all,

     Fred Rhine

6/24/05 From The Membership Chairpersons

We hope you all had a great time a t the Lake Forest rally. We won’t be attending the Springfield rally as we have a house full of company. Bobbie and I will hopefully see you at Wells Beach. Currently the membership has dropped to approximately 225 coaches. This is reflected in the enc losed membership list.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:

Raymond & Elizabeth Letourneau North Andover, MA

Hope to see you soon,
Take care out there...!!

Bobbie & Glenn

*** Nominating Committee ***

The nominating committee welcomes any member who would like to run for a club office. Please call Bucky (603) 432-5105 before
July 11.
The nominating committee submits the following slate of Officers for 2005-2006:

President: Fred Rhine
Vice President: Bill Elkins
Secretary: Bill McShea
Treasurer: Betty Robicheau
National Director: Evelyn Merrill
Alt.Nat’l Director: Jerry Goulet

The floor will be open at the Sandwich meeting in September for additional nominations. If you would like to contact a member of the nominating committee, they are: Clayton Buck (603) 432-5105, Bob or Louise Parsons (603) 648-6104 and Bob or Marilyn Smith (603) 767-8051.

Thank you to our hosts at Lake Forest Resort, Bill & Nancy McDonough, Art & Joan O’Neill and all the others who helped put on this rally. Breakfast omelets in a bag were great. Potluck supper had a lot of different and interesting dishes. A lot of people put on their thinking caps. This was the McDonough’s first rally and they did an excellent job and hope they had a good time themselves. Any persons hosting a rally should know that the other club members greatly appreciate it.

NEW - ADDED CAMPOUT: Steve & Barbara Davis will be doing a rally at Cascade Park in Loudon, N. H. on July 22, 23, 24th. Betty & Tom Robicheau will be co-hosting with them. The Davis’s are new hosts so please be patient as this will be a learning experience for them.

Up to two couples get to camp free for the weekend for hosting. It is a lot of fun and you get to really know other members and will always get help from people who hosted before, plus other club members just always pitch in. That is what makes the Granite Staters a nice club.

You should have received a separate notice from Danforth Bay for the October rally. The campground supplied all the material for the mailing and PAID FOR THE POSTAGE TO SEND IT. They did not get our mailing list as a few club members did the envelopes with your mailing label from our club. So, it would be nice to support the campground. Don & Sandy Percy are the Host. Their phone number was printed wrong in the last newsletter. (Sorry Ron & Charlotte for using your phone number instead) The Percy’s phone number is 603-528-6820, guess I better buy a ruler!!!

"Happy Trails"

Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

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2005 Schedule
Note from Betty Robicheau
Hi All,
I want to thank you all again for the wonderful cards and letters I received after the Hopkington Rally. It sure makes you feel good and makes all the work really worth it. We had so much help and it's great to see and talk with everyone. This is what our club is all about. Getting together, pitching in (it's called volunteering), and enjoying one another’s company. On this note I have to let you all know what a GREAT time we had in Wakefield this past weekend. Bill and Nancy McDonough and co-hosts Joan and Artie O'Neill volunteered to run their FIRST rally and it turned out just wonderful. We had a small group that braved motorcycle weekend and a lousy weather forecast that produced a really fun weekend. Breakfast on Saturday was served and Pot Luck was the best. We had a nice fire going Saturday night and everyone including our newest members (Bob and Fran Hall) had one terrific time. Looking forward to more of these get togethers before the harsh reality of winter sets in.

Hi everybody. Hope you enjoy our first installment of the newsletter. It came together easier than we had anticipated thanks to all the advice from Dave and Carol Bovee and Glenn and Bobbie McCracken. If you have any comments or feedback, good or bad, please don’t be bashful as we’d like to hear from you.

Happy Trails, Bill, Kitty and Alex

Thoughts for the day:
If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried
Be nice to your kids. They’ll choose your nursing home.

NewsletterGranite StatersJune 2005
Fred Rhine, President Carol and Dave Bovee, Editors


    As Nancy and I returned home from The Hopkinton Rally we were reflecting on the cold and wet weekend and realized we had an enjoyable weekend with new and old friends.
    I want to thank Betty and the bandits for a great meal on Saturday evening.
    On Saturday morning we had a general meeting with all reports and a discussion of all rally fees, see the report from the McCrackens on rally fees, we also elected a nominating committee for the election of officers at the September Meeting. The members are Clayton (Bucky) Buck, Bob & Louise Parsons, and Bob & Marilyn Smith.
    At the meeting our current newsletter editors Carol & Dave Bovee decided they needed to spend more time with their active family and asked us to find new editors. I am excited to report that Kitty & Bill Ellsworth will be doing our newsletter in the near future.
    As summer approaches we have a full rally schedule. We hope many of you will be able to attend them. These rallies really are a lot of fun and laughs.
    As many of you already know I was asked to return to work for the remainder of the year. We hope to attend all or part of every rally if we can. In closing lets hope that we soon see some sunshine and warmer weather.
    So long for now and hope to see you soon.

     Happy RVing,
     Fred Rhine

P.S. We still need volunteers for the Springfield Rally in July. Please contact Fred Roberts if you can help. His Phone # is 603-529-1868.
Important Notice
The law House Bill 40 was approved on May 10, 2005 and is effective July 1, 2005.

Basically what the new law states is that motorhomes and recreational vehicles shall be inspected annually in June of each year but before July 1. It is the same law as far as inspections for motorcycles, it was just added to that portion of the inspection law. The NH law is RSA 266:1 paragraph III.

No one in Concord was aware of the law being effective July 1 of this year. That is why no one has been told about it when they registered their coaches.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Ford, (


We are in need of VOLUNTEERS for security at the Springfield Rally to be held July 11th thru 16th.
    At the planning meeting held 5/6/05 for the July Northeast Area rally, we learned the duties for day gate and security which Granite Staters agreed to undertake. Rally to be held at the "Big E", Springfield, MA. Day gate will be manned 9 am to 4 pm Wed. thru Sat., two people per shift.
    Security will be responsible for checking cars arriving at gate 9 from 4pm to 10 pm., Tues. thru Sat. Unfortunately, this will require three couples to miss one evening entertainment. We will have at least one security member on day gate with a radio.
    Going to the rally, we will meet at the old Ames parking lot on Monday, July 11th. Arrive anytime before 3pm and go to the rear lot (away from the bank at the entrance). NOTE: NO OVERNIGHT PARKING IN THIS LOT! This lot is located one mile west of gate 9 on Route 147 (the 4th traffic light beyond gate 9) on the left corner, look for a Bank of America and a Walgreen is across the street. Be in the left lane at light to turn left and then right at the bank entrance into lot. WE WILL BE LEAVING THIS LOT AT 3PM SHARP TO GO TO THE RALLY (BY WAY OF GATE 9).
    You must be pre-registered and have your packet. Place the "G" card in your windshield. Your volunteer card and coach number card will be given to you as you leave the Ames lot. To assist parking, after arrival at the rally do not use gate 9 to exit or enter the grounds until Wed. (Use gate 2 and have your car decal from the packet on your windshield.)
    To volunteer, please contact Fred Roberts at 33 Woodfern Road, Weare, NH 03281 (603) 529-1868 or Cell (603) 495-9774

Thanks, Fred Roberts, Bob Smith, & Bill Elkins

Membership Chairpersons 5/25/05

We've just returned from a great weeknd in Hopkinton as the last leg of a month long trip to visit family. The rally was great and the food even better!! It was so nice to be back in NH and among friends. After going through a months worth of mail and renewals we currently have 273 member coaches.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:
Al & Donna Hill    Old Orchard Beach ME
John & Millie Emond    Somersworth NH
Edward & Winnie Chouinard  Seabrook NH
Ray & Sandy Gendron   New Boston NH


VP Report

    While it is certain that not every FMCA member in the northeast is a race fan, it is a fact that every July and every September at New Hampshire International Speedway there are thousands of RVs in the NHIS RV lots for the week leading up to each Sunday's Nextel Cup race. This year, and next year, too, the Northeast Area Rally has been scheduled for that same July week. I do not have the actual counts, but I think it would be likely that there would be more motorhomes alone at NHIS than will attend NEAR. Those of us who have reserved seats and parking spots at NHIS have an easy choice: We will be at the races. It is to be hoped that the planners at NEAR will correct this situation prior to next year's rally in New Jersey, and set future rally dates so as not to conflict with the NASCAR races.
    While on the topic of conflicts, might it not be a good idea to form a rally clearance committee among the various RV clubs in our area so that some conflicting dates can be avoided? For example, NCT had their annual Spring Fling rally in Bernardston the same weekend as our Hopkinton rally, and the New England Dam Yankees chapter of Bounders of America has a rally scheduled in Hinsdale NH the weekend of our rescheduled Lake Forest rally.
    Good to see more than forty member coaches at Hopkinton. A little chilly, and rainy Saturday night, but the warmth of our friendships overcame the weather. President Fred ran a very productive business meeting and ended it on time promptly at 11:30.
    The news that the state legislature had changed the dates when we must have our rigs inspected caught everyone by surprise. Starting July 1, 2005, motorhomes must be inspected in the month of June each year. FMCA supported this change which means we need not dig the rig out of a snow bank in February to have it inspected, or risk being stopped for driving an uninspected vehicle on our way back from the warmer climates in the spring. Thanks to Granite Stater Jim Belanger for testifying in favor of the bill. Jim has been a member of FMCA's Governmental and Legislative Affairs Committee.

Bob Burnham, Vice President


    Thank you to our hosts at the Hopkington Fairgrounds, Betty & Tom Robicheau ,Bunny & Joe Parolise and the rest of the bandits that helped. It was a wonderful weekend with the weather almost holding out. The lunch and supper was great. This is a nice little Fairground parking is great and they treat us very well there. I would also like to thank Steve & Barbara Davis for the lesson on how to "square dance". Didn't know we had a lot of them in the club. They have offered to do it again at the Sandwich Rally. Those of you who have square dancing clothes might bring them to show the rest of us. The ones that just learnt get a chance to do it again so practice up and maybe we will get some more recruits.
    Bill & Nancy McDonough will be doing the next rally at Lake Forest Resort June 17,18, 19. Please note this is a date change. Art & Jean O'Neill will be assisting them. The McDonough's are new host so please be patient as this will be a learning experience for them. Space is limited at Lake Forest so it will be a good size to learn the ropes. I am glad to see new people are stepping forward to be hosts. It is what the club needs, participation from members that have not hosted before. Up to two couples get to camp free for the weekend for hosting. It is a lot of fun and you get to really know other members and will always get help from people who hosted before. Because of the people who host, you as a member get to have your camping weekends with the club. Without them you, you might as well stay home.
    Anytime anyone wants to put on another rally in any month, give me a call and we will walk you through it and work it out. The more campouts the merrier. Last year we did go to Hopkington twice as they have the space available for all that want to go. We could even look into the American Legion catering one of their wonderful dinners they put on Thursday nights at the Legion for Saturday. (Just a thought)

"Happy Trails"

Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

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2005 Schedule

National Directors Report

Medex-A Member Benefit
Medex will help members in a medical emergency if you are over 100 miles from home. You have a medical emergency and are taken to a medical facility. If that facility cannot handle your problem, Medex will transport you to the nearest facility that can. Once you are well enough to travel, and cannot drive, they will fly you (commercial airline) to the address on your DRIVERS LICENSE. A bonded driver will return your coach to the address on the REGISTRATION. The tow car is still in question. Good Sam has the same plan and charges $99.00.
Flying J is planning to provide overnight campground facilities with 50 amp service at their NEW facilities. KOA has expressed interest in holding group rallies.
National Election Candidates
Pres. Don Moore
            Don Crawford
SR.VP. Max Durbin
            Connie Pool
SEC. Ginger Painter
TRES. Jim Kern
            Robb Steinheider
Resumes will be in the June magazine.
        Evelyn Merrill, National Director

From the Newsletter Editors

Kitty & Bill Ellsworth have agreed to take over as newsletter editors starting with the next issue. Please be sure to send any information for the newsletter to them.
Bill and Darlene Ellsworth
18 Conifer St
Merrimack NH 03054
(H) 603-424-1671
Thank you all for your support over the last 5+ years that we have been the newsletter editors. Hope to see you all soon!

Carol and Dave Bovee


Minutes of FMCA Granite Staters Meeting 05-21-05

President Fred Rhine convened the 1st business meeting of the FMCA Granite Staters at 10:00am on Saturday, May 21st, 2005. Officers present included Bob Burnham (VP), Betty Robicheau (Treas.), Evelyn Merrill (Nat'l. Dir.), as well as Linda Porazzo (WagonMaster), Bobbie & Glen McCracken (Membership), Dave Bovee (Newsletter), and Joyce Sandstrom (Sunshine Committee).
     The Secretaries report of September 11th, 2004 was read and accepted, as was the current Treasurer's report.
     Chapter members present approved the spending of $1500.00 for the chapter's 10th anniversary rally to be held in September at Sandwich Fairground.
     Glenn and Bobbie McCracken spoke to the chapter on the concerns of some chapter members about dealing with the recently instituted late rally registration fee of $10.00. A vote was called for and the members approved the late fee charge, with one dissenting vote.
     The subject of meals and their costs was also discussed again, but the chapters method of handling this will remain as voted on in 1999 reported and reported in the secretary's minutes: i.e. outside catered meals will be offered as a separate cost.
     The Membership Committee reported we have 271 members, but 145 have not yet renewed their membership. It was brought to the attention of those present that you must be a current member of FMCA in order to hold membership in a local chapter.
     WagonMaster Linda Porazzo spoke on the need for volunteers to host chapter rallies.
- The date for the June rally has been changed from June 10, 11 and 12 to June 17, 18 and 19. Hosts are Bill & Nancy McDonough, with Joan & Artie McNeil co-hosting.
- Security and Day Gate volunteers are still needed for the NEAR rally at Springfield, July 13 - 16. Please contact or see Fred Roberts or Bob Smith.
- Bob & Louise Parsons have volunteered to host the August rally at Beach Acres in Wells, Maine. (After the meeting the Fords and the Ellsworths agreed to help the Parsons.)
- Linda also thanked Steve & Barbara Davis for organizing and hosting the winter luncheon in Concord, NH, which 45 members attended.
     President Rhine reported on the Chapter Fair at the Perry, GA rally, but didn't know if any of the applications given out there had resulted in new chapter members.
     Geoff Blair reported that Bill Read has become active as the Treasurer of a new chapter in Delaware, and suggested that something be done to recognize our immediate past officers.
     Dave & Carol Bovee submitted their resignation as newsletter editors (which Bill & Kitty Ellsworth volunteered to take over after the meeting).
     With thanks to Evelyn Merrill and Betty Robicheau for their note taking help, this report is respectfully submitted.

- Bill McShea, Secretary 25 May 2005

Late Fee for Rallies

     After the business meeting at the Sandwich Rally, the new officers met to discuss several tabled items which involved hosting rallies. As part of that discussion, it was decided that a late fee could be added for those who register after the cut-off date, if the hosts felt this was necessary or appropriate. Since some rallies include meals, and all rallies include breakfasts, the late fee may be necessary to cover the added cost of food. Additionally, some campgrounds require deposits and contracts based on the number of coaches attending, and limited parking can also become a problem if too many members decide to attend at the last minute.
     Since that meeting at the Sandwich Rally, it had come to the attention of the officers, that some members were concerned or unhappy with the decision to add a late fee. Therefore, I was asked to bring the issue forward at the Hopkinton Business Meeting. I explained that the late fee was added as an attempt to encourage our members to honor the registration due date on the form, as we want to do everything possible to simplify hosting a rally. Since we are all volunteers, we need encourage our members to come forward as hosts, and make that a fun activity for them, as well as those of us attending the rally. More than half of the FMCA chapters have a similar late fee, and to date, no one in the Granite Staters has been charged the fee. We know things happen and plans can change, but members who consistently arrive late or unexpectedly make it difficult for hosts to plan in advance for the rally.
     After a long discussion by the members present it was voted, by an overwhelming majority, that the late fee should remain in place and be utilized at the discretion of the rally hosts.
Respectfully submitted by,
Bobbie McCracken


From Bill and Ginny Read:
    Would like you to know that we very much miss the entire group. Seems like forever since we went to our last Granite Staters rally. Although we did share a weekend with several others a few weeks back. And even with horrific traffic getting there it was worth the trip.
    Shortly after our move to Dover, DE last September we attended over Columbus Day Weekend the GEAR (Great Eastern Area Rally) and really enjoyed it. This was at the Harrington State Fair Grounds about 25 miles from our new home. Parking was good, we went in early on Tuesday, and the seminars good. Quite a few vendors and for those who like to look at (or buy) motorhomes there was a goodly display. There was something like 700 family coaches and this year they are hoping for 1200. Last year was the first time ever in this area for the GEAR. Seminars were good and the entertainment great. Think one of the best may be back again this year and certainly hope so. Ice cream social, of course, and enough that seconds were served at that night's entertainment. Oh yes, there is also a casino and the sounds of hundreds of slots paying off or more likely eating your money. A nice buffet there, too.
    I was introduced to Eastern Area President Judy Czarsty and asked her why there was no Delaware chapter as such. She allowed as how there should be and said come spring we will do something. She did and we did. A meeting at Harrington April 9th and Delaware now has one of FMCA's newest chapters, First State Travelers. In a month we have gone from 0 to 52 members. And treasurer, Bill Read. Ginny says a single term (2 years here) and out!! Judy Czarsty said she would love to have any Granite Staters who might like to attend, either as individuals or as a group. There will be a holding area, I am told. You may phone us for any info (302) 730-4723 or e-mail
    If Granite Staters has an October rally by all means attend, but if not and you would like a place to go we would be glad to see lots of you at GEAR. Applications are in Family Motor Coach. A warning, though: Harrington, DE and Greenwood to its south are notorious speed traps. No mercy given. Be under the speed limit when you hit either town.
    Happy motorhoming and hoping to see you at Springfield.
     Bill & Ginny Read

It has been a long time since you have seen a "Bob's Corner" in the Newsletter but remember that I have not forgotten you all.

Why the sun lightens your hair but darkens your skin?
Why woman can't put on mascara with their mouths closed?
Why you never see a headline "Psychic Wins The Lottery'?
Why "abbreviated" is such a long word?
Why is it that doctor's call what they do "practice"?
Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavoring and dishwashing fluid made with real lemons?
Why is the man that invests all your money called a broker?
Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called the rush hour?
Why isn't there mouse flavored cat food?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
Why didn't Noah swat the two mosquitoes?
Why the material that little black box that is used on airplanes isn't used to make the whole plane?
Why sheep don't shrink when it rains?
Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together?
If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?
If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?

Tab time has started again. The chapter members turned in about 15,000 tabs for the Shriners Hospital for Children. This was a great showing for the first rally of the 2005 camping season. Please keep up the good work. I am planning to arrange a tour of the hospital when we are in Springfield for the Northeast Area Rally.


    Four members of the Granite Staters and one non-member made 20 lap robes for our veterans in the Tilton and Manchester health facilities. Gerry Hunt, Louise Parsons, Eris Terrell, Beverly Wasson and non-member Jane Goodwin made afghans and lap quilts. Steve Ford accepted them for Jim Belanger who will bring them to the veterans.
As Commander of the Hollis VFW Post, I cannot express enough thanks for the wonderful lap robes I received yesterday from Steve Ford. The ladies of the Granite Staters made 23 beautiful robes during the winter months. These are so great, they should be entered into a contest or sold for big bucks. On behalf of the VFW Post, I want to express my sincere gratitude. These far exceed any expectations we ever had. They will be delivered to the VA Home in Tilton and in Manchester and will be put to good use by those disabled Veterans in wheel chairs from World War II to the present Iraq war. How does not say thank you and have it really mean Thanks a Million!
Jim Belanger
NH Wheelers
The NH Wheeler Good Sam Chapter is hosting an Oktoberfest. We have many members of the Wheelers that are also members of the Granite Staters so we have a tremendous overlap. For some reason, this year more than any other, our activity weekends overlap and members have to make a choice which to attend. I hope to inspire a cooperation which might minimize this for next year. But, in the meantime, the NH Wheelers would like to invite Granite Stater members to join us in the Oktoberfest weekend we hold on Columbus Day Weekend at Branch Brook Campground in Campton NH. This is an "open" weekend, 4 days in length, and fun/games/food abound. The invitation letter and application form can be printed from our web site With a cutoff of 50 rigs, early signup is a must!
If you would like more information, please contact: Jim Bélanger 32 Plain Rd. Hollis, NH 03049 (603)465-2301

NewsletterGranite StatersApril 2005
Fred Rhine, President Carol and Dave Bovee, Editors


    As many of us are returning home after spending our winter in the southern or western parts of the country, its time to get geared up for our summer activities in New England. I enjoyed talking to many of you via cell phones while we were away this winter. Thank GOD for cell phones.

     At this time I would like to thank some of our members for a job well done. Our first winter get together was well attended in Concord N. H. hosted by Steve and Barbara Davis, many of our members attended the Southeast Rally in Brooksville, Florida with a pre rally arranged by Bob Burnham, the members then caravanned to Brooksville led by Bucky, Thelma, and Coda Buck. Our next get together was the 73rd International Convention at Perry, Georgia. As many of you know the biggest worry at Perry is rain. We were not disappointed as we received heavy rain on Tuesday followed by sun until we left on Friday morning when it rained again. There were over 5,000 coaches attending with great entertainment. One of the events at the rally was a Chapter Fair ,our table was organized by Bob Burnham, and hosted by Bob, Fred Rhine and Bob & Louise Parsons. We met old members and some new perspective members. This was the 1 st ever Chapter Fair and was well received by those attending.

     As we start this year let me remind you we are celebrating our 1 ()th year as a FMCA Chapter. We need all of your help with rallies by either hosting, parking or assisting hosts. We look forward to seeing all of you at our 1 st rally on May 20 to 22 at the Hopkinton Fair Grounds.

     Happy RVing,
     Fred Rhine

Membership Chairpersons 3/7/05

We hope you all had a great time at the Brooksville rally. We wish we were able to attend this rally but are unable to do so at the present time. Bobbie and I will hopefully see you at Hopkinton.

Here are the new members who have joined us since the last newsletter:
Ron & Charlotte Pellerin     Milford, NH
James & Joyce DiGennaro     North Adams, MA
Salvatore & Claire DJ Alessandro     Derry, NH
Andre & Maxine Bourbeau     Bristol, NH
Edward & Anita Walker     Hollis, NH
Donald & Patricia Sawtelle     Jaffrey, NH
Ronald Tancrede     Rollinsford, NH
Bob & Linda Wickens     Cincinnati, OH
Bob & Fran Hall     Concord, NH
Lady Dawn Ambrosino-Borqwardt     Charlestown, NH
Aubrey & Sandra Steeves     Manchester, NH
Karl & Barbara Krawczyk     Chicopee, MA
Charles & Valerie Masselli     Salisbury, NH
David & Judith LeBlanc     Rindge, NH


VP Report

    Reservations for the second SEA pre-rally were disappointing, and when I reported that we had only twelve coaches signed up, a very unpleasant woman in the Blueberry Hill Campground cancelled our reservations, refusing, even, to refund deposits made by other members who had made their own reservations there. Fortunately, the Red Barn Campground across the street would accommodate us and did.
    During the Brooksville rally, I asked how many were planning to go to the FMCA convention in Perry, GA. It appears that our chapter may have ten or more coaches there. I know of no plans for parking together, but I'm sure we will find a place for our afternoon socials. President Fred and I are going to be manning the Granite Staters' table at the Chapter Fair on Monday afternoon where we can talk with convention goers about our chapter and, perhaps, find some new members.
    Following the Perry convention, I will be making my way slowly northward. See you all in May!
    A special thank you is in order to Melanie at the Red Barn. She was the one who said, "We will take care of you", after we were crudely cancelled at Blueberry Hill.
Bob Burnham, VP

Hope everyone is arriving home safe and healthy. Winter up north this year has been terrible. I also apologize for my lack of attentiveness to the Granite Staters this fall and winter. This was all due to Paul's cancer operation and radiation and my two operations and ending my 37-year career at work. Yeah, I am now retired!!!!! Paul got a good report last week from the cancer doctor and I am still trying to recoup from my operation. I did much better last year, but have not been able to drive since the end of january. We personally already cancelled two club meets for April. Not a good start.

Highland Orchards - Sorry to say that this was cancelled. Geoff Blair had a conflict and needed to attend to his job. I certainly wasn't in a spot to pull it off and was kind of late notice to find someone else. We both apologize. But, Geoff did roll it over to next year. Our last newsletter of the year we will also make sure that the application is in that newsletter. We forgot that we don't send an early spring newsletter to have the application in that. So, don't give up hope for Highland Orchards, it is on for April 2006.

Winter Dinner - Steve Davis did an excellent job of lining up the Red Apple Buffet for our 1 st winter dinner. He had over 35 families attend a wonderful dinner. Folks have told me that they had a great time, and it was a break from all the bad weather we were having. Glad that weekend was good. Thank you so much "Steve" for the Red Apple Dinner. Great job. Maybe we can do it again next year.

I heard about Cascade Park in Loudon, N. H. if anyone wants to check it out for a rally. They have a good safari field with hookups. Also Danforth Bay owners have new plans for campers. We still need a host for October.....

"Happy Trails"

Linda Porazzo, Wagon Master
781-826-5563 Cell 617-851-3798

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2005 Schedule

George Kelly

Granite Stater George Kelly, F168060, died Sunday, April 10, after being stricken while volunteering at the Perry FMCA rally. He was an annual handicap transportation volunteer at the Southeast Area Rally in Brooksville, and was preparing for that role at Perry.

A note from Good Will=Hinckley Homes for Boys and Girls:

January 14, 2005

To our friends at FMCA,

We've been very busy over the past several months preparing something that will be of great interest! This Spring, construction of a six-sided covered Pavilion will be complete. The Pavilion will host campus visitors and outdoor functions, including activities ofFMCA members.

It was here on our campus in 1963 that FMCA was established and its first meeting was held. This location is a primary point of interest fur any FMCA traveler who visits the Northeast!

Our Founder's Pavilion will pay tribute to the vision of Rev. George Walter Hinckley, who founded Good Will-Hinckley Homes for Boys and Girls in 1889.

Completion ofthe Founder's Pavilion will allow FMCA members to enjoy gatherings with a nostalgic connection to their organization's beginnings~ FREE overnight dry camping is available for motor coaches. With the next stage of our Pavilion's construction plan, we will provide more comfortable overnight accommodations to FMCA members for FREE, including:
* hook-ups to electrical power (30 amp) for 10 motor coaches
* water hook-up during wann weather months
* a motor coach parking area for up to 10 vehicles with an average length of 40 feet
Our Founder's Pavilion will also be equipped with outdoor furnishings and barbecue grills.

We'll be at the Southeast Rally in Brooksville, Florida, and at the Convention in Perry, Georgia. We'll have photos to display, and welcome you to stop by and see us!

The development of the overnight spaces for FMCA use and the finishing touches at the Founder's Pavilion will be part of a larger campus renewal project we will conduct in the spring. Many FMCA members who have visited our campus have asked how they can help. One group plans a campus "work day." Others have designated their charitable dollars for the Good Will-Hinckley program through FMCA membership renewal. We will keep you informed of our progress and of ways you may be of assistance.

For 115 years, Good Will-Hinckley Homes for Boys and Girls has been a home and helping hand for needy children ages 11 to 21. Although a large number of our youth are ftom the state of Maine, many others arrive here ftom all over North America, and occasionally, ftom outside the US. When you foresee a visit to the Northeast, please contact Audrey Stott at 1-800-639- 1757, ext. 4280. We'll provide you with a tour of our campus, including a stop at the FMCA Monument. This monument is across ftom our main entrance on Route 201, and is visible to hundreds of daily north and southbound travelers. .

We hope to see YOU in Brooksville and Perry. Until then, safe travels and happy motoring in 20051

Kindest regards,
(s)Monica M. Russo
Director of Advancement